The good news is that we are at the dawn of 10 millenniums of golden age, where harmony and understanding will reign for the most part of it.

Higher consciousness is in arise and old is being shed gradually with lot of pain and suffering involved, as any growth and healing does. …it gets worse to get better, right?
Like during any dawn we get glimpses of a day ahead of us, this one is most spectacular one, so beautiful you don’t wanna miss it.

Come celebrate new era with other liberators and bright faced individuals. Experience Gaura kirtan and of the wall vegetarian / karma-free dinner… find out historically in a cosmic scale of things how rarely this golden age occurs and how special these times we live in are.
Special times my friend, very special times…buckle up with gratitude and enjoy the ride as a fortunate one.

Valuable gifts will be distributed to all Kirtan participants.


You can confirm your participation here

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