serving fresh vegetarian meals to san antonio comunity since 2009


some of the programs we assisted in San Antonio [with meals]:

• Fiesta – 2010

• Peddicab human rights june july -2010

• Limelight – jan feb 2011

• Cinefestival- Laura Varela feb – 2011

  • UTSA student lunch prog since 2012
  • every weekend 3pm at ashram5


Hare Krishna Food for Life is the world’s largest vegan and vegetarian non-profit food relief organization with projects in over 60 countries.


•Volunteers serve more than 1,500,000 free meals daily in a variety of ways, including: food vans serving to the homeless within major cities around the world; lunch time meals for poor school children throughout India; and also in response to large natural disasters, such as the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.


•With roots in India, the Food for Life project is a modern day revival of the ancient Vedic culture of hospitality with its belief in the equality of all beings. It was conceived of and began by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in 1974 and is thus commonly known as Hare Krishna Food for Life. It has been commended by the New York Times and the International Rescue Committee (among others) for its relief efforts worldwide.


•Volunteers responded to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in late August of 2005 by providing meals to families relocated to Mississippi and Texas. Up to 800 meals were served daily


Food for Life Global (FFLG) a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 1996 and registered in the State of Maryland, is the international headquarters for Food for Life. FFLG promotes peace and prosperity in the world by providing organizational and operating support to Food for Life projects through activities such as:


coordinating volunteers and relief efforts

publishing Food for Life Friends newsletter

providing grants to FFL projects worldwide

publishing a training manual for Food for Life volunteers

maintaining the Food for Life website

producing promotional materials – videos, music CDs, flyers, donor prospectus, posters, etc.

conducting training seminars around the world

inaugurating Feed the World Week

representing Food for Life at vegetarian conferences

authoring articles for vegetarian magazines and newspapers


Food for Life Global is funded by private donations, foundations, and corporate and government grants. With the continued generous support of its members and corporate sponsors, Food for Life Global seeks to maintain and expand its current programs to feed the world’s hungry and fight poverty by promoting health, education and sustainability.



Our new book about Food Not Bombs written, designed and illustrated by Food Not Bombs cofounder Keith McHenry.

Food Not Bombs has proven to be an effective project for social change. Hungry For Peace passionately makes the case that we should take action to end hunger, poverty and war providing shocking evidence that our future is in peril if we sit by and do nothing. This book will motivate you to take acting and provides hope. This new 188 page Food Not Bombs handbook with 122 photos and illustrations, vegan recipes to provide meals for groups of 100 and families of 6 people with metric and U.S. measurements, the 30 year history of the movement and logistics on how to start a local Food Not Bombs group, how to prepare meals for hundreds, how to organize meetings, tours, gatherings and successful campaigns of nonviolent direct action. This 8 1/2 by 11 inch book also provides flyers you can reprint, the time line of major events in the history of the movement and many other useful details to help change society. This book will help you and your friends do your part to participate in the global uprising.